Tray Haggerty Is Putting On For People Who Aren’t The “Hoodest”

Tray Haggerty is a rapper from Dallas, who has a West Coast sound. In this interview, he talks about his goals, his plans for success and his biggest influences.

Tray Haggerty describes himself as a “legend in the making,” which is the exact type of energy every artist needs to make it to the top. The singer, songwriter, and rapper hails from the South (Dallas to be exact), but boasts a West Coast sound. The “2 Sides” artist has already surpassed over 3 million streams from all streaming platforms, with over 100K monthly listeners on Spotify alone.

Last year, you may have seen Tray do commercial with the beverage company Fanta, but it’s his recent “2 Sides” remix with Iamsu that he’s proud of most. AllHipHop caught up with Tray to discuss his favorite Lil Wayne song, working with Su, and goals as an artist.

AllHipHop: Why should people f##k w/ you?

Tray Haggerty: Because I bring something different to the table. I put on for the South, for people who aren’t the hood-est. For the people who went through a lot, but didn’t have to be on the streets.

AllHipHop: What did it mean to get Su on “2 Sides”?

Tray Haggerty: Su is definitely a legend from the Bay. I met Su when I was in college years ago, his cousin was my best friend in college. Su brought us into a Rae Sremmurd show at SXSW one time, we got in with him. I’m like bro that’s Su, he’s a legend. “I beat the p##sy up…”, that song be hitting. Having him on a record is definitely an honor, especially being out here. It’s crazy.

AllHipHop: What are some goals yourself as an artist at this point of your career?

Tray Haggerty: To sign a major deal, that’s the ultimate goal. I’m a songwriter too, so the ultimate goal is to get placements. To go on tour with another dope artist. To get a song with Lil Wayne, that’s my favorite artist of all-time. I grew up listening to him since 7th grade. How Young Thug talks about Wayne, that’s me too. Wayne is my legend. I know every Wayne song, every Wayne lyric.

AllHipHop: Favorite Weezy song?

Tray Haggerty: I can’t even name a favorite song but project, Carter III.

AllHipHop: “3Peat is my s##t.”

Tray Haggerty: I really love “Let The Beat Build,” but the most impressive song is “Dr. Carter.” The reason why is for him to visually paint a picture of him being in the hospital and resurrecting hip-hop, I’ve never heard that been done before. Especially not now in this generation, nobody’s ever painted a picture of him actually saving hip-hop. The sound effects, that’s on another level.

AllHipHop: What can we expect music-wise?

Tray Haggerty: I have another song dropping this month, then a project dropping end of October, no later than early November. Got a lot of visuals dropping, 4 or 5 for almost each song on the projects. There’s 7 to 8 songs on the project. Dropping monthly freestyles and creative visuals for Instagram, still doing that every month to show people that I can really rap. That’s what I started out doing, really lyrically rapping. Do as much as I can.