Trump Hedging His Bets Calls Race “Rigged”


In another permutation of what most would call a wild ride when it comes to Presidential campaigns, Donald Trump appears to be hedging his bets.

In a lowlight reel that most recently includes calling President Barack Obama the “Founder of Isis,” and indirectly suggesting violence by “Second Amendment People” towards Hillary Clinton, Trump has declared that the vote for the 2016 Presidential race will likely be “rigged” – and not in his favor.

Considering Trump just announced yet another top level campaign reshuffle, hiring Stephen Bannon of Breitbart News as his new chief executive, clearly “The Donald” believes any deterrent to victory doesn’t include him personally.

Nevertheless, as of yesterday’s polls, as per FiveThirtyEight, Clinton is projected to have a 88.3% chance of winning the presidency to Donald Trump’s meager 11.7%.

Given that many close to Trump, namely his daughter Ivanka Trump, and Republican Chris Christie, have been saying that Trump’s tendency to go off script with vituperative attacks and unfounded accusations have been destroying what could be a much more popular campaign, it’s interesting that Trump is calling foul so far ahead of November.

In Hip-Hop, there is a vast library of rhymes devoted to those who embark on a battle with a whole lot of sound and fury, only to start questioning the fairness of the game when faced with the possibility of failure.

Could there be a bit of that “haterade” in Trump’s “rigged” shade?

Whether it’s Clinton or Trump come November, we’d like to borrow a few verses from Mos Def and Talib Kweli to tie up exactly what it traditionally indicates when an individual as “huge” as Trump starts faulting the whole playing field so close to the finish line:

Hater Players (feat. Apani Emcee)

Every day somebody ask me where all the real MC’s is at?/

I’m sick of the hater-players, bring on the regulators
With the flavors like a farm team f###### with the majors/…
You runnin your mouth, but don’t really know what you be talkin about
You should retire, get that complimentary watch, be out!/…
Order reverse your universe so your demise is first
Before your rise it gets worse/…
Beggin me – stop it hurts! – is what you say to me
Like that’s supposed to mean somethin?/….

Aiyyo, later for the hater-players
Yo-yo, yo-yo, later for these hater-players/….

The takeaway from the above?  If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, generally it’s not the pond that’s ‘fowl’.


“Hater Players” Written by Dante Smith, Shawn Jones, Taalib Green • Copyright © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC