Tyrese & Tupac: A Brief Tale Of Synchronicity

Tyrese Explains His Relationship To Tupac In A Crazy Story!

(AllHipHop Features) Tyrese, the singer, actor, and businessman, has found his way to the front once again. He’s not only a chart-topper and a box office winner but a soul that cares. His latest moves speak to all sides of his personality. 

Tyrese, who is now a seasoned vet, will chronicle his career in a new episode of TVONE’s “Uncensored,” a trip from his humble beginnings in Watts, CA to the highest highs of Hollywood. With frank honesty, reflects and tells his story in his own words. He also, recalls his relationship with Afeni Shakur, the godmother of his first child.  (TV One’s docu-series airs  Sunday, September 13, 2020 at 10 P.M. ET/9C and re-airs on Wednesday, September 16, 2020 at 10 PM/9C.)

He recently released a powerful new song, “Legendary” featuring Cee-Lo Green, which pays homage to Breonna Taylor, Trayvon Martin, George Floyd and other victims of police brutality. If Tupac Shakur was alive, he would certainly speak on these terrible acts against humanity. Tyrese reveals to AllHipHop how he came to meet the legend in a moment of fate. Check out the comments below and look for the lengthy interview later as we delve into weightier topics with the legendary entertainer. 

Tyrese: I was at a pre-BET Awards party. On Melrose. Underage. Wasn’t supposed to be in club because that was all of 16-17 years old. Right after I did the Coke commercial. At the time before digital cameras, we had some photos you take and you had to wind it up. Those yellow, yellow joints.

AllHipHop: By the way, I had a picture of Jake Pinkett Smith from that era and it failed me. Sorry, I had to say that since we’re talking about the Pac connection.

Tyrese: But that’s that’s what’s crazy because that’s what almost happened to me. So took a picture, with the disposable camera that you’re supposed to drop off at Kmart or Walmart. Walmart wasn’t around at the time, Target whatever. So, Pac walks in this bar on Melrose, pre-BET party. Everybody started buzzing because he (Pac) showed up with a whole entourage. I think this was long before Death Row. Or maybe after Death Row. I’m getting my timelines backwards, whatever. So I’m like, “Oh sh#t, Pac.” Walking in. On the West Coast that’s like, Baby Jesus walking in the room, you what I mean? Showed up 20 deep, no matter who he showed up with, they let them in. So as I’m standing in this particular place, Pac is walking in my direction. I said to the girl that I was with, “Pull out your camera, wind it up, get it ready.” He walks in. We take the picture. I shake his hand. And I say, “Yo, man, I love you, bro. You mean the world to us on the West Coast, man.” [Pac said, “Thank yo, bruh.” Gave him some love. Pac walks away. I don’t remember seeing him. I just remember he walked in and just kind of went away.

AllHipHop: Wow.

Tyrese: I was going through something at the time and probably eight years later. I said, yo, I want to take all of my yellow cameras, disposable camera, but I never went to the store. Now, I want to go get all of the photos from everything here printed up. Found that windup camera with the picture to Pac. Could not believe eight years later, I have the photo with Tupac.

AllHipHop: Right, right. 

Tyrese: The one and only photo. I’m not gonna sit on the phone and say we were homies, we were texting [or] I met him multiple times. We’ve ever been on a phone call together. I’m gonna sit here and fake it till I make it and paint that picture. But I will also say rest in peace Johnny J. who got killed while he was in prison. I got my Tupac plaque up on the wall. Because I did a song called “Never Call You B#tch Again,” singing on the hook with Tupac on his album called Better Dayz. [Shows plaque on the wall.]