Underground Undercover: 5 Indie Producers You May Not Know, But Should


Since today is the day after a major holiday and one of the most hectic shopping days of the year, we’re keeping things sort of laid back and feel good for this list!

And yes! We know we’ve selected just a few of the talented producers out there making dope music. So, these producers are listed in no certain order – check out our list of “5 Indie Producers You May Not Know, But Should”!


While the Hip-Hop heads may know Khrysis, much of the masses have not been properly introduced. Well, allow us to make the introduction! The best way to describe the magic that Khrysis is able to create is by simply saying the word blends. He is like a mad scientist in the lab when it comes to blending feel good, throwback melodies with cutting-edge percussion and other sounds that are perfect for when the party jumps off! There must be something good in that North Carolina water, as this seems to be a big part of that music scene down there, and Khrysis is no exception. The warmth of his tracks induce head bobbing from all within the listening area of his audible treats.

LexZyne Productions

How can you sum up LexZyne Productions in three words? Cuts, scratches, and blends! There is no denying that they are phenomenal at all three, but it runs deeper than that. The sound is decidedly Golden Era with a new millennium flair – a task many attempt but few actually accomplish. LexZyne pleases their listeners by bridging the musical gap between the generations. The Dallas Dynamo has a talent for creating what’s been missing, and allowing it to be fresh and new at the same time is superb. But don’t just take our word, have a listen to LexZyne Productions.

Dirty Joker

Hailing from Hartford, Connecticut, Dirty Joker has an ear. Plain and simple, he can take the most innocent track and dirty it up with percussion and strings, then slap it around with a few futuristic effects. The result is something amazing that sounds so current, yet still adheres to Old School principles. You can listen to a Joker track several times over, and still not pick up on all of the nuances laced throughout the piece. It’s those little discoveries that make the listener want to hear it again and again! Check out Dirty Joker.


Jinesis has the distinct knack for taking what’s comfortable and familiar, and making it something completely brand new and all his own! The New York City native is the definition of versatility, and he constantly creates tracks that allow artists to stand out while still keeping the listener caught up in the music. While this is what music is supposed to sound like, in these times, many artists are either overpowered by their music, or the music is reduced to a mere afterthought by the artists’ strengths or weaknesses. With Jinesis, that delicate balance of musical, lyrical yin and yang are accomplished with ease.


The Chi-Town sensation has the ability to hopscotch between different genres of music, yet is just as successful at blending those various types of Hip-Hop, R&B, and Reggae when such a mix is called for. His commercial sound is being found in places that range from the R&B Charts with Willie Taylor to Nickelodeon kids programming. But make no mistake, he is able to work both ends of the music spectrum without missing a beat or leaving the Hip-Hop heads out. Sample some JayJosh below.

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