AllHipHop’s Woman Crush Wednesday: The Tantalizing, Tina Stitchell


Photo Credit: Instagram, Jod Racks, Andre Uncut, Dex R. Jones

Christina Stitchell — or, Tina for short — was born in Brooklyn and reared in the Bronx. Within those inner-city, under-resourced communities she refused to be confined to the block. Lead by a resilient spirit and diligent determination, she brought her dreams to fruition and has been a working model since the age of 14.

Her personified beauty has graced the pages of Vogue Australia, worked avant-garde fashions for the  Ann Taylor runway, and supplied an organic sophistication for different Hip-Hop music videos. Tina has also flexed her creative acumen as she has been an essential person to help develop online campaigns for established brands like Louis Vuitton, Diesel, L’Oreal, Ralph Lauren, and K-Mart.

Throughout her burgeoning career, the chocolate-coated, statuesque beauty has heard countless “Nos.” Learning to seek the good in each challenge, Tina has trained herself to accept many grunt positions that have eventually brought about greater opportunities to use her dynamic set of professional and interpersonal skills. Although, she can be seen around the country on numerous billboards, an ingrained humility asserts that she’s “just another New York nobody.”

Scroll through the gallery and enjoy the melanin-enriched natural beauty that is, Tina Stitchell!

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