Wiz Khalifa Advises His Former 2005 Self on Fashion and Flow


Before he was catapulted into success and heard on every radio station from Urban to Pop with his hit song, “Black and Yellow”, Wiz Khalifa was just a a young kid growing up in Pittsburgh with dreams of making it big. Now, with a headlining name, his Taylor Gang crew, and a place as one of Forbes Magazine’s Hip-Hop Cash Kings with $11 million earned last year, Wiz is living his dream.

AllHipHop.com’s Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur recently sat down with Wiz Khalifa and time traveled back to the year 2005, when Wiz was only 18 years old and had just released his first mixtape,  Prince of the City – Welcome to Pistolvania.

“I was real lyrical back then, man, because I was finding my lane, and there were a alot of lyrical cats out there already who were covering that and doing that way more than I felt like doing that,” said Wiz Khalifa.

Taking a moment to critique his fashion statement on the cover, Wiz feels he embodied a winner on the mixtape cover:

“I look like the young champion of my city. I look like I really, really might run that town. With that 5X State Property hoodie on from Burlington, and that 6X tall tee from Foot Locker, and my Pittsburgh hat. That’s a hard cover, man.”

Check out the video below as Wiz Khalifa reminisces about his earlier days as a young spitter, gives advice to his younger self, and breaks down his look on the cover of his first mixtape, Prince of the City – Welcome to Pistolvania.