WORLD AIDS DAY: Tray Chaney a.k.a. "Poot" from "The Wire" Creates A Rap-It-Up Anthem


Most recognized as “Poot” from HBO’s “The Wire”, Tray Chaney has been showing off his Hip-Hop influence for the past few years. In honor of today (December 1) as World AIDS Day, Chaney has created “LIVE” (World AIDS Day Anthem) to bring awareness to the disease and encourage others to “Rap-It Up.” Have you experienced any personal tragedy from the AIDS epidemic?

Tray Chaney: A very close friend of my family is living with the disease as we speak, and it hurts. To see this person suffer from some of the decisions they made in the past to this point…as a family, we are there to we are there to uplift, build, and support. Have you been tested recently?

Tray Chaney: Yes, last week when I got my physical, and my results came back NEGATIVE. I encourage everyone to get tested. Why did you decide to do a record for World AIDS day?

Tray Chaney: Well, my album, Be Inspired, is on iTunes now. It focuses on motivational and uplifting songs. I recorded a HIV/AIDS awareness song because I felt it was an issue that needed to stand alone. I decided to make it a single, also on iTunes. So many individuals are suffering and fighting the disease, so I wanted to uplift spirits and take notes from Magic Johnson on how he didn’t let this disease stop him from seeking what he needed to keep him going. We can have motivation to take our bodies seriously and “Rap-It Up.”

World AIDS  What do you think of the statistics of African-American women being the leading cases of HIV?

Tray Chaney: It truly hurts my heart, because HIV/AIDS is a disease that is definitely serious. Not having the strength to tell your partner to use a condom is something that saddens me. It’s about LIFE, people. We have to LIVE. PLEASE PRACTICE SAFE SEX!

Go get tested; it’s about living. Anyone you know that may be suffering from HIV/AIDS disease – don’t turn your back on them.

Look out for Chaney’s single, “LIVE” (World Aids Day Anthem), his album, Be Inspired, on iTunes, and the new film, Lorenzo & Monica, which hits on December 4.