Xzibit: Strong Arm Steady Is Here Pt. 2

AllHipHop.com: What’s up with you and Rhyme Night? X: The rhyme night is something that we doing out here to give some light to the artist out here that really don’t get any. The underground scene gets pushed around to that certain extent to clubs. I don’t really go out but for the simple fact […]

AllHipHop.com: What’s up with you and Rhyme Night?

X: The rhyme night is something that we doing

out here to give some light to the artist out here that really don’t get any.

The underground scene gets pushed around to that certain extent to clubs. I

don’t really go out but for the simple fact that there’s no unity out here.

When I say unity, for instance, like that club that I used as a platform to

come out and broadcast. This is the club that used to bring out crews from the

East coast and then bring them out to the West and let them shine when nobody

was bringing Wu-Tang out here and nobody was bringing the underground cats to

let them see the West coast underground. It’s kind of like we got to keep fueling

that. I throw some thing called Rhyme Night and once a month cats come through

and pack the house. We let them do like one or two songs and we got a main act

that comes out and smashes it. Whether it be a n*gga that’s from in town or

we bring somebody from out of town. The next one we gonna do we just gonna blow

it out and keep it going. We just gonna make it bigger and bigger and bigger.

AllHipHop.com: A lot of people want to know what

was the situation with the incident with Mexicans with you getting cut?

X: I and I am gonna say it one time and everybody

hear it. It was some coward sh*t. It was two motherf*ckers and nothing got punched

, nothing got kicked, nobody got hit, nothing . A motherf*cker threw a bottle

at my face and that was it. They were three feet away from me and threw a bottle.

A n*gga aint gonna go out like that. All I’m saying is I’m glad I aint have

my pistol in my pocket. That’s all I got to say.

AllHipHop.com: Last time I talked to you, your

relationship was some what strange with Snoop. Do you still have a mutual relationship

with him anymore?

X: It is what it is. I aint got nothing negative

to say about Snoop Dogg. That brother dealing with his own trials and tribulations.

A n*gga like me is trying to push this West coast sh*t and keep Xzibit cracking.

AllHipHop.com: There’s a lot of West coast dudes

claiming the new west . Why do people feel the need to say that in that way?

X: I put it like this. If you happy with the

way the West coast has been perceived and heard right now, then something is

wrong. That aint where it’s at. We got so much sh*t out here and it feels like

the rest of the world is bent on only supporting one side of this sh*t. It’s

stereotyped out to the fact that if you don’t come a certain way or your not

associated with a certain name then motherf*ckers aint gonna listen to you or

they think that if its not behind a f*ck track or we aint talking like ( funny

noises) then n*ggas don’t feel like its West coast, which is bullsh*t. We got

a lot to say and a lot to be heard and I don’t mind being an underdog. Being

an underdog or being underestimated has been some of the best things that have

happened to me in my career because just when you think I aint I swing and knock

that motherf*cker off the fence and take motherf*cker off guard and sh*t. I

always come out looking victorious because just when you think I can’t, I can


AllHipHop.com: Is it getting too real? I saw

yall with some heavy gunplay in the video too. I know it was all in the shooting

range type of situation, but is it getting too serious out there?

X: It’s always been serious out here. That’s

why that all star sh*t, that sh*t aint go down out here. Them motherf*ckers

wasn’t playing out here. N*ggas came out here (for All-Star) with all they jewels and all that

sh*t and got laid down player. Don’t even think about it. N*ggas aint have no

videos cracking, n*ggas aint have no super rap crews rolling through here. N*ggas

out here is hungry.

AllHipHop.com: All that sh*t about cats getting

robbed is true?

Yea , Don’t let motherf*ckers come home with

all that sh*t . That sh*t went down playboy.

AllHipHop.com: Cats came here (NY) and came home and

was like that sh*t didn’t happen.

X: Yea, Ok. Don’t let n*ggas start taking pictures

with their jewels and sh*t and start putting them up on the Internet. N*gga

you don’t want that. Just go on and take that L and keep it moving. It aint

nothing to laugh about because I would hate for n*ggas to try that sh*t anywhere

else. Its just bad business all away around. All I’m saying with that is that

its motherf*cker out here too that need to be heard and need to be exonerated

just like everybody else and that just comes with putting out good music. F*ck

all the bullsh*t aside, We gotta come out with the good music and just really

rock the world like we did before because it seem like it starts here. Everything

moves in different cycles and if you look at the music at how its changed and

evolved , It was kind of like everybody was trying to be from the West at one

point. Then it moved to the South , now everybody tying to rep from the South.

It moves in cycles. Everybody wanted to be Jay-Z at one time. I think its just

time to turn it on.

AllHipHop.com: Will Strong Arm Steady come out

under your imprint Open Bar? Is that through Columbia?

X: Yea , We gonna work it out like that. It’s

gotta come in order for it to make sense.

AllHipHop.com: What’s up with Dafari? I know

he had a lot of stuff to say about you. Have yall mended those things?

X: Man , Defari been in my house several times.

N*ggas is brothers. The best way I can sum it up even with Snoop Dogg, is at

the end of the day even when brothers fight, thrown down, lump each other up

, we still brothers and that’s always gonna work out and that’s how I feel about

both them cats.

Strong Arm Steady the gang/Deep like the Wu-Tang/Crazy,

swing like an Orangutan/Yall motherf*ckers cannot hang/Lets Go!