5 & Done: Sasha Go Hard


(AllHipHop Features) The new wave of Chicago Hip Hop has produced a diverse group of young artists like the alternative style of Chance The Rapper, the rock-inspired music of Rockie Fresh, and the drill sound of Chief Keef. The one Chitown voice that is still largely missing on the national level is that of a new generation femcee. The Southside’s Sasha Go Hard is ready to step into that spot and represent for the ladies.

Sasha first jumped into Hip Hop by spitting rhymes into her phone for fun. Once her friends heard her VoiceNotes raps they suggested she get serious and record in a real studio. Sasha then reached out to her neighborhood friend Chief Keef for advice on how to move forward. He introduced her to DJ Kenn and that led to her very first song “What We Do.”

Since then “Mrs. Kill Bill” has released several mixtapes including Round 3 and Nutty World earlier this year. Nutty World presented a hard Chicago street soundscape while Round 3 featured varied production including a track created by electronic dancehall producer Diplo. That musical transition is an extension of what Sasha calls her natural drive to be different in order to stand out.

AllHipHop spoke with S.G.H. after she returned from her first European tour. The  recent birthday girl discusses what lessons she has taken away from the careers of Chief Keef and Nicki Minaj, not being familiar with Diplo’s music, and if she could end up on the MMG roster.

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AllHipHop.com: What have you learned by watching Keef’s career over the last couple of years?

Sasha Go Hard: He didn’t let a lot of stuff get to him. He was just living and having fun with it. I learned don’t stress out. He’s a good person even though people got all this stuff to say about him. He’s a cool person. When I first started going around them he taught me how to change my flow. That’s just the type relationship we have. We just have fun with it.

Who are some of the other artists that have influenced you?

I have to say Nicki Minaj. When I first started I was just into the hard drill sound, wanting to make all these hood songs. I realized that when you get to the point that all these different people are paying attention to you, you want to make music for them too. I have all types of fans. Everybody don’t like the drill sound. I learned that being an artist, as you grow, it’s okay to make different songs. Looking at Nicki Minaj making all these different sounds, I learned that I wanna do that too.

Is that what led you to want to work with Diplo?

It’s so crazy. He actually reached out to me, and I didn’t know who he was. I told my people, “This man named Diplo just hit me up. He got a lot of followers and gets a lot of retweets so he must be somebody important.” They were so excited he hit me up. He wanted to send me some beats, and when he sent them through I didn’t feel a bad way about them.

When I heard them it was like I met this sound before. I made one type of different song like that, my song “Pretty Fly.” So when Diplo sent the songs to me I was feeling them. I had to put in my mind it’s okay to make different types of music. If this big guy named Diplo just sent some beats why not?

You seem to have a good working relationship with Maybach Music Group’s Rockie Fresh. Is MMG a label that you’d consider signing with?

I would love to sign to Maybach. I look up to Rick Ross. He’s successful. He’s getting money. He makes good music. I love it. That would be a dream come true if I ever get the chance to sign to him. I think it would be a go if it’s a good deal. I’m not just going to rush into it because he is one of my favorite rappers, but that would be something I’d love to do.

Rockie Fresh "Electric Highway" Release  Party

You just recently celebrated your birthday. Where do you see yourself at your 26th birthday?

I see my career being at the top; making way more money, making way better music, my momma being in places she’s never been. I have all these new fans all over the world supporting me now. I can see myself not being able to go anywhere without security. I want that Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus life. That’s how I see it.

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To download Sasha’s Nutty World and Round 3 mixtapes visit sashagohardmusic.com.

Follow Sasha Go Hard on Twitter @SASHA_DARAPPER and Instagram @sashagohard.

photo credit: Caesar Sebastian