Afrika Bambaataa’s Former Bodyguard Reveals Extreme Details Of Alleged Child Molestation

Bambaataa Suffers Another Blow!

(AllHipHop News) The plight facing Africa Bambaataa continues to roll along and now Bam’s personal bodyguard is the one speaking up.

Star , the radio host that has campaigned the issue, conducted an interview with Shamsideen Shariyf Ali Bey, who was had of Bambaataa’s security as well as an original member of Black Spades. The Black Spades were the gang that eventually morphed into the positive collective known as the Zulu Nation.
Shariyf Ali Bey does not mince words in his indictment of the Zulu Nation leader.
“There’s always a boy in his house. When he leaves and gets home, there’s always a boy there. I’ve seen them camped, asking him for money,” Shariyf said. “He travels with late teens, those are the ones he takes overseas with him. When I went with him on tour in the states, I’d stay in one room, and he would have boys in the room with him.

No longer a member, Shariyf Ali Bey said that Bam is beyond help.

“This is heart-breaking. Its sorry and its sad and help and all that…he is beyond help,” Shariyf Ali Bey said. “The best help he can do is be honest with yourself, honest with the world.”

Check out the video below: