After Shot: Quilly Is “OK”…But How OK? Did He Even Get Shot?

Quilly: Shot OR Not?

The word on the streets is that Quilly got shot…but how shot? Now, this is not for me to judge or suggest he didn’t get shot…just how good is he? It was initially reported that Quilly was in critical condition after getting shot. Well, after reporting that, we got early word that he was just shot and not in critical condition. After we tried to follow up, we found it hard to confirm additional details of the shooting. THEN…NO mainstream media has been covering it. You know THEY adore negroes getting shot! They would jump right on it. Somebody that seems to know Quilly says, “he’s not in critical just was at the hospital he is ok you can report that.”

What does that mean?

Seems as if there is no need for alarm….right?
quiAfter Shot: Quilly Is “OK”…But How OK?