AHH EXCLUSIVE: Raekwon Offers Justin Bieber Life Advice


(AllHipHop News) Corey Woods, more famously known as, Raekwon, is celebrated for his solo-effort to improve Hip-Hop and for his contribution to the world-renown, Wu-Tang Clan. Throughout his creative maturation the public has witnessed his growth as an MC and as a man.

In the past, Pop sensation, Justin Bieber, who’s in the midst of living his life on center stage, has worked with Raekwon. Having thrived beneath the spotlight’s glare, the prolific MC spoke with AllHipHop and offered the singer the following advice:

On Dealing with Fame

“Shorty, you got to be held accountable for the things that you do, you know what I mean. Don’t throw it all away for nothing. People love you because they see that you have something—you can’t. You got to show them that you won’t change as a person, but you’ll grow through experiences.”

On Making the Leap from Kid Star to Grown Ass Man

“Just be a little bit more cautious on how you do sht, you know. Don’t do your sht corny-looking; do it in a way that people respect that you’re getting older. He got paper he coolin’; he can have anything that he wants. Sometimes because of our success we let that go through our head, too. I like him, personally; that’s my guy. I wish him the best.”

Video Credit: Frk Purple