Big Sean Spent Over 12 Hours In The Studio With Eminem, Calls New Album “Classic”

Big Sean Spent Over 12 Hours In The Studio With Eminem, Calls New Album “Classic”

(AllHipHop News) If Big Sean is feeling the sophomore jinx jitters it is no where evident in his candor recently. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the 25 year old rap star called his upcoming album Hall of Fame a “classic.”

While he considers Hall Of Fame a classic already he does put his proclamation in some much needed context:

“But I don’t want to hype it up too much or anything,” he says. “People hear ‘classic’ and they expect like Jesus Christ to be on there rapping. What I mean by ‘classic’ is it’s a pure body of work; there’s quality songs.”

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Sean also spoke on his infamous studio session with Eminem that was sparked by a photo of the two of them in the studio posted on Sean’s personal Instagram account. He reveals that he spent 12 hours in the studio with his Detriot idol and promises a collaboration:

“That was probably one of the best days of my life,” he says of meeting Eminem. “Not only because I met Em’ and we talked and exchanged stories, but because not only was I playing him my music but he was just so enthusiastic about it and loved it. He was rapping my lines back to me.” Sean was hoping Eminem would hop on his album, but the rapper was too busy working on his next solo effort. Says Sean: “I’m sure you guys will get a Big Sean-Eminem collaboration sooner or later.”