Breeding Ground Spotlight: Mz. Nicky


It’s starting to look up for female emcees in 2014 and they seem to be coming out the box. Cincinnati, Ohio MC, Mz. Nicky is dubbed by some to be the next Missy Elliott and others debate that she would be the next Mia X. Mz. Nicky enjoys both comparisons all the same. Along with opening up for the likes of Yo Gotti and Gangsta Boo, Nicky recently released a video for her billboard charted single “Female MC” which remix features Mia X and Shawnna. Along with We chop it up with her to talk about hitting the billboards, comparisons, collaborating with Mia X and more.

Why do you rap?

Mz. Nicky: When I first start rapping it started off me just doing talent shows, just as a hobby and people grasped to it and that’s how it started.

When you were young did you ever dream of beginning a rapper?

Mz. Nicky: When I was about 5 my dad got me a microphone, when you a child you know I dibbed and dabbed a little. I never dream of where it would be where its going now.

When did you feel like everything started taking off for you?

Mz. Nicky: When I performed with Mia X, Gangsta Boo, Lachat, Yo Gotti. When I kept on going nonstop. With me doing that and being persistent being able to see consistency was it for me, of course you got to have connections but you gotta do the footwork.

Explain the process of the female MC?

Mz. Nicky: It’s hard , you know being a female its a male dominated industry. People don’t want to see the female but, when you look at other genres its plenty of women.  Females always get the back end of the stick.

How did you like working with Mia X and Shawna?

Mz. Nicky: Well to be honest I got to give all credit to the most high. I’m like in the Matrix. It started when I was in junior high, I did her song and now, she’s featured on my track. Its like my steps are already preordained. It was timing, when I performed with her I had her number. When the time was right we reached out.

Speaking of female rappers. When I first got the email to do the interview, they compared you to the next Missy Elliott. That’s a huge comparison. How do you feel about that?

Mz. Nicky: I’m grateful , that people compared me to great. When people compare me to Missy Elliott or Mia X I’m grateful.  They paved the way for me.

“I’m lyricist. I’m independent. I am about my business.”

What sets you apart from the other female emcees?

Mz. Nicky: I would say I’m emcee. I’m a artist. I always allow myself to be open minded to any kind of music that will allow me to be different from your regular p*ssy poppin on the handstand stuff. Don’t get twisted i got that I can get on any level. I’m lyricist. I’m independent. I am about my business. When its comes to music people seem to bypass you if your not their ideal rapper.

Let’s talk music. What’s going on with your project?

Mz. Nicky: I’m pushing the single called “Female MC” ft Mia X and Shawnna, I got the video out , we just going hard from internet radio to commercial radio. My follow up is “Caked Up”. Caked up is a fun track, I just went everywhere with that.

Why did you pen that “Female MC” record?

Mz. Nicky: Well the record speaks for itself. Female Emcee can be a multitude of remixes. I’m going reach out to Missy Elliott, MC Lyte and Queen Latifah. I been getting a lot of good feedback on it to.

So “Female MC” hit the billboard charts?

Mz. Nicky: Yes. #23 on pop charts

What do you mean by you don’t look like your ideal rapper?

Mz. Nicky: Your ideal rapper like your size 5 or 6, which is all good, but everybody doesn’t come in that form.

Do you run into executives that give you that ideal talk?

Mz. Nicky: I run into it. I take heed to constructive criticism, from anyone trying help. But anyone trying dog me absolutely not, I will shut you down.

Is there a mixtape coming up?

Mz. Nicky: Well I actually have album called the Female MC. However until my single is ready to take off I won’t be dropping anything else. I got almost 25 singles. You know technically its takes a year for a single to jump. Before I release any other tracks I need people to know who I am.

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