Breeding Ground Spotlight: Young Scooter – Atlanta’s Finest


Equipped with a roster of the games hottest acts, Atlanta has become the South’s, and Hip-Hop’s, go-to city for new talent. Arguably one of the leaders of a new surge of artists; BMFBG member Young Scooter has already solidified himself as an artist worth paying attention to in 2013.

With features from the likes of Bun B, Travis Porter, Chief Keef, Future, Cash Out and Gucci Mane just to name a few; his latest project Street Lottery has already been certified in the streets. With tracks like the Chief Keef assisted “On It” pushing the already major buzz behind Street Lottery, you’ve already gathered some notable features. How did some of these come about?

Young Scooter: I grew up with Future, and I met Gucci in the streets and connected like that. Your early collaborations with Gucci really made people take notice of your own individual talents; was it difficult getting to this point?

Young Scooter: It gave me a voice. You know how hard it is getting someone to listen to your music? Once I knew people were listening I just started putting more and more music out. Your music has found a real presence in the streets, why do you think you’ve found so much love in the hood?

Young Scooter: Let’s be real. A lot of rappers make CDs full of lies. I just talk about the streets, I don’t want to talk about things I ain’t actually did. I feel like I’m in my own lane, I gotta do it for the streets. Hosted by DJ Scream and DJ Swamp Izzo, Street Lottery has been well received. Do you have any videos coming out in connection with the project?

Young Scooter: We’re pushing it hard. There’s a video coming out for “Columbia” and I’m releasing a track featuring Monica for Valentine’s Day. Your recent success already has many wondering if a major deal could be on the horizon; do you have a preference?

Young Scooter: I’d rather stay independent. I’m getting more money that way right now. Have you considered any other roles within the city outside of that as an artist?

Young Scooter: I’d be interested in being an A&R. I don’t want to rap my entire life. Street Lottery has a slew of features from prominent artists; how do you determine who you work with?

Young Scooter: I don’t do that fake s###. It’s some people in the game that don’t even like each other. If I don’t like you, why the hell am I going to do a song with you? So what’s the move for the future?

Young Scooter: I’m going to be headlining a show at SXSW, (An annual film and music festival held in Austin, TX) and Gucci and I will be releasing Free Bricks 2 this summer.

Already well on his way to being a nationally recognized artist, Atlanta can rest well knowing that they are firmly on the back of Young Scooter.

Follow him on Twitter: @1YoungScooter