Brooklyn’s Troy Ave Agrees With Trinidad James’ “South Runs NYC” Comments


(AllHipHop News) With just a few minutes of video footage Southern rapper Trinidad James sparked another conversation about the state of New York Hip Hop, and when the “All Gold Everything” performer stated his opinion that the south “runs New York” some from “The City That Never Sleeps” took offense while others co-signed his sentiment.

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Vibe caught up with one of the rising young rap talents out of NYC Troy Ave to get his take on what Trinidad had to say. According to the Brooklyn born emcee he can agree with Trinidad when comes to New York’s radio and clubs focusing more on southern based rappers than their own.

If he was talking about “runs” in terms of Atlanta rap getting constant radio play and being heavy in New York clubs, then he’s got a valid point. A real n#### like myself, I’m gonna deal with facts. I’m not upset about that, but all I want to do is restore the feeling in this city. That’s why I named my album New York City. At a time, the Death Row and West Coast could have said they run rap, and they did! Until Biggie came out, and then Bad Boy was like, ‘Ok, we run rap now.’ There was a time when T-Pain was the only thing that you would hear on the radio, and then the whole group of Florida rappers had it on lock. But, Atlanta n##### been had it for a minute in terms of getting played everywhere.

Troy goes on to clarify that while Atlanta and the rest of the south may be getting a lot love from NYC radio, artists like himself, Maino, and Uncle Murda own the streets of New York. Troy recently released his latest projected New York City The Album which is dedicated to his hometown.

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Watch Troy Ave’s video for “New York City” featuring Raekwon and N.O.R.E. below.