Cam'ron Releasing "First Of The Month" EP As BitTorrent Bundle


(AllHipHop News) Over the past year BitTorrent has transformed the way Hip Hop artists presented their music and brand to the public. After working with Curren$y & Jet Life, De La Soul, and Public Enemy, the file sharing service has now linked up with Cam’ron for a new bundle package.

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Cam’s First Of The Month interactive EP will include a web series, music videos, film, art, and more. The first bundle will be available for download on July 1 through BitTorrent. A new package will then drop the first of every month.

The company has referred to its innovative approach to delivering artist’s content as “Mixtape 2.0 Culture.” The goal of BitTorrent Bundles is to allow the performer to connect directly and instantly with fans by sharing more than just music.

“Our long-term vision is not to be a content store or another walled garden. Our vision is to create the technology that puts the store into the content and to let the artist decide what the exchange should be,” said Matt Mason, Vice President of Marketing for BitTorrent. “They know best what the value of a fan is and can judge that better than we can. Our job is to create the best possible tools for creative people, and then get out-of-the-way of them and their fans.”

Going by BitTorrent’s track record, Cam’ron’s decision to team with BT could be a very lucrative venture. The partnership between BitTorrent and Jet Life has been a success. The label’s “Jet Life BitTorrent Bundle” featuring the Red Eye mixtape was downloaded over 4 million times, growth of Jet Life apparel on their website increased by 500%, and advanced tickets sales for their tour jumped 30%.

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Watch the trailer for Cam’ron’s First Of The Month EP and the video for “Funeral” below.