Cee Lo Green: "Crime Is Art For Lazy people", Talks About Pulling Gun on Manager + New Memoir

Cee Lo Green: “Crime Is Art For Lazy people”, Talks About Pulling Gun on Manager + New Memoir

(AllHipHop News) Cee Lo Green, at 39 years old, is a family man, co-host of a talent show and possesses a wardrobe that would make Prince’s eyebrows raise. According to the rapper/singer’s recent memoir Everybody’s Brother, Cee Lo was not always a law-abiding citizen.

In one revelation from the book, the 20 year rap veteran explains how he almost shot the manager of Goodie Mob during their formative years in the early 90’s over allegations of the manager shortchanging the group:

To be blunt, I did have a MAC-11. I just owned it and happened to have it on me,He did make the mistake of starting an argument with a person who was carrying a weapon

Cee Lo Green, born Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, discussed his criminal youth which include robbery and assaults. Interestingly enough, the eccentric artist perceived his early attraction to crime as a consequence of him being brilliant:

People who are brilliant-minded need a creative outlet. … To feel endowed enough to take something from somebody is very empowering. If you can take it, it becomes very easy. Crime is art for lazy people.

Cee Lo Green’s memoir Everybody’s Brother will be in stores on September 10th. Goodie Mob released their reunion album, Age Against The Machine on August 27th. Cee Lo returns to NBC’s “The Voice” on September 23rd.