Charles Hamilton Returns With Two New Albums


(AllHipHop News) Charles Hamilton is back and he returns in a major way with a pair of free albums.

Hamilton has been well under the radar and had, at one point, seemingly fallen on hard times. But, according to Pigeons and Planes, the reclusive rapper told a friend named Zach Gero to release the albums to the world.

Gero said the following in a statement.

“I know Charles personally. He told me to leak these albums. Even has the Pharrell track there on My Heart. Oh, and, Charles is well aware of the leaks, like I said I know him personally and he told me to leak it. My Heart is Charles’ attempt at killing the mainstream and radio and The Zone is that classic 2008 Charles Hamilton sound everyone begs for…Over the past year and a half or so he’s been back and forth between Harlem & London working on a gang of new music. Initially it was just going to be a ghost-writing/production deal but now is actually gonna be a full album deal with Turn First Records. He’s doing A LOT better mentally and physically these days (but, of course, is just as eccentric as ever, hence that interview, lol). You can find him at or”

Check out the albums below.