Chief Keef's Eviction From Chicago Mansion Caught On Camera (VIDEO)


“With more sh*t out on the streets than evicted tenants”-Ludacris on “Made You Look(Remix)”

(AllHipHop News) Luda wasn’t talking to Chief Keef in that lyric but after today (June 10th) it applies. Earlier today (June 10th), Chief Keef was evicted from his rented mansion in Highland Park, IL.

Dr. Bal K. Bansal rented the home to Keef and stated that the rapper was simply moving out and it was not an eviction. However, back in March, reports surfaced that Chief Keef was over $30,000 in debt. According to the Chicago Tribune, the eviction process started in February of this year and at a May 7th hearing culminated in a court order mandating the forcible entry and detainer, essential to an eviction.

While Bansal claims Keef was a “good tenant”, his neighbors portrayed a different circumstances.  Neighbor Ken Cooper claimed that drugs could be smelled emanating from the mansion and claimed that the police were constantly called as a result of Keef:

We had to call the police for a fight. There was a gun shot. Yes, [the police have been called]. I would say several times a week.

Check out video of Chief Keef’s  eviction below: