Cop Says Tupac Refused To Snitch On Who Shot Him Before He Died


(AllHipHop News) In Hip Hop and the urban community at large have a generally adversarial attitude towards the police. In a recent interview with Vegas Seven, the first police officers at the scene of Tupac’s fatal shooting back in 1996 spoke about Tupac’s final words. 

The former Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officer, Chris Carroll states that he received the call of gunfire near the intersection of Flamingo and Koval around 11:15p.m. and was the only police officer in the vicinity. According to Carroll, when he initially attempted to get Tupac to reveal the identity of his shooter, ‘Pac was too busy “trying to yell at Suge”:

So I’m looking at Tupac, and he’s trying to yell back at Suge, and I’m asking him, ‘Who shot you? What happened? Who did it?’ And he was just kind of ignoring me. He was making eye contact with me here and there, but he’s trying to yell at Suge. And I kept asking over and over, ‘Who did this? Who shot you?’ And he basically kept ignoring me. And then I saw in his face, in his movements, all of a sudden in the snap of a finger, he changed. And he went from struggling to speak, being noncooperative, to an ‘I’m at peace’ type of thing. Just like that.

Carroll later details the last words Tupac uttered before “he started gurgling and slipping out of consciousness”:

He looked at me and he took a breath to get the words out, and he opened his mouth, and I thought I was actually going to get some cooperation. And then the words came out: ‘F*ck you. 

Check out Carroll’s full account of Tupac’s last living and conscious moments here.