Curren$y’s “Jet Life BitTorrent Bundle” Tops 4 Million Downloads


(AllHipHop News) In July New Orleans rapper Curren$y announced he and his Jet Life crew were uniting with the filing sharing site BitTorrent to release an innovative bundle package. The “Jet Life BitTorrent Bundle” included The Red Eye mixtape, cover art, the 8 minute documentary Chef Menteur, an opportunity to visit with the Jets, and a coupon for Red Eye Tour merchandise. It appears this new approach of distributing brand content is successfully redefining the way artists connect with their fans.

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In what BitTorrent has dubbed “Mixtape 2.0 Culture”, Jet Life’s bundle package has extended the Hip Hop collective’s reach in several capacities. As a result of the bundle, the Red Eye mixtape was downloaded over 4 million times, growth of Jet Life apparel on their website increased by 500%, and advanced tickets sales for their tour jumped 30%.

“It’s especially true that rap artists understand that a track or a remix can serve as a flyer for your show and a way to build a fan base. That’s what the mixtape culture has been about for decades,” Matt Mason, Vice President of Marketing for BitTorrent told AllHipHop in August. “The fans see this is an evolution of the mixtape. It’s no longer just about a CD on a blanket on 125th Street. It’s a rich, multimedia fan experience.”

BitTorrent has also partnered with Public Enemy, Madonna, Moby, Linkin Park, and others.

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