Dame Dash Calls Former Def Jam President A "Culture Vulture"


(AllHipHop News) Dame Dash appears to be on a one man war against those individuals in the music business he feels are stealing from Hip Hop culture. First it was Steve Stoute, and now the Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder has turned his attention to Joie Manda.

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Dash posted a picture of the former Def Jam president on his Instagram page with the following caption:

This clown right here is joi manda… I’m not even going to give him the respect of calling him any type of ceo… Hes is like the culture vultures Dimwitted assistant that does what he’s told… I’m putting him on blast because I’ve personally witness him start war between two creatives from the same culture so he could benifit… Which is what they always do… Divide and conquer… You would think when 2 young guys have a problem with each other the older guy would sit them in a room and squash it… These guys promote it and make money of the winner… They could care less if somebody dies or get hurt.. As long as they make money off it….he’s also the guy that started the divide and conquer beef between me and currency…. The funny thing is he can’t get a dollar from his own people so he tries helps exploit ours… He’s a nobody… Never let him front on you and I’m gonna keep calling him and his whole crew out… You know who you are and your up next #dontgetscared… I’m playing them all out publicly because I’m sick of them bullying people from my culture and there soft as hell… Pause..and they cheat… We not fighting each other anymore… We getting at the cowards that make money of our struggle every day… Have some respect for the culture that is paying all your bills