Dark Energy: Giving Movers And Shakers Freedom To Stay Fully Charged


Last month, I attended – once again- the daunting SXSW festival. The worldwide event, which takes place in Austin, TX, is an incredibly rigorous affair that saps all of your strength. The music portion of SXSW will not only drain the individual, but it will severely test the battery life of the individual’s mobile device. Every day, I was going from show to show. I was taking pictures, taking videos and generally trying to document the days and nights of my stay in Austin. And then there is incessantly checking all of the social media apps and numerous emails like a crack head looking for another fix. All of that saps the strength of my iPhone like Kryptonite strips Superman of his might.

Never fear, Dark Energy is here. (No, not that stuff that speeds up the expansion of the universe. The Dark Energy Reservoir: Premium Portable Charging System!)

I’ve seen several products on the market meant to power batteries in devices owned by people on the go. But, nothing I saw or got from the market seemed to work for me. That all changed when I obtained the Dark Energy System. For some reason, when I landed in Austin, my phone died during the plane ride from New York. Normally, that would have been an emergency and I would be looking for a plug. I was upset, but Immediately found solice in Dark Energy. I had power – quickly. And it lasted me from the moment I got off the plane well into the night.

Dark Energy launched The Reservoir – what I have – with a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign that raised over $170,000 to perfect the design that portable charger users like myself would eventually depend on. It really does represent a certain freedom where I felt fully able to use my device as it was mean to be used – all day. The Reservoir will fully charge a phone about 5 time and also will charge a tablet or iPad. It can also charge two devices at once.

According to the creators, The Reservoir is the “the worlds most compact portable power system.” That may be true, but at times it can feel cumbersome. It fits comfortably in a a normal sized man-pocket but, if you are a woman in a mini-dress with no purse, you may have an issue. To me, that is a small price to pay for the security and freedom of obsessing over my mini-computer-and-general-life-saver-slash-phone. Lastly, if you want to get all zombie apocalypse with it, you can. Charge The Reservoir up and let it sit. It will stay fully charged for a full year.

Overall, I highly recommend the Dark Energy Reservoir.

What was particularly cool was a few of the artists and tastemakers that I came across at SXSW asked me about The Reservoir and I even charged a couple rapper-phones at the AllHipHop concert. Nowadays, its apart of my daily routine in New York and beyond.

Look how happy and free this guy looks!

For More Energy: http://mydarkenergy.com/