Daylyt Talks No Longer Rapping As Daylyt, Road to Total Slaughter 2, Being Set On Fire+ MORE (VIDEO)

Daylyt Talks No Longer Rapping As Daylyt, Road to Total Slaughter 2, Being Set On Fire+ MORE (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) The battle rap scene is about to see a new day, somewhat literally. Yesterday (July 23rd), popular battle rapper Daylyt spoke on leaving the battle scene in order to make his own league and changing his rap name.

Last year, Daylyt was banned from SMACK/URL after negatively addressing his lack of payment for Summer Madness 3 from SMACK/URL owner Troy Mitchell. In his recently released YouTube video, Daylyt explained that he will no longer be battling in King of the Dot or any other battle league as he is starting his own league. According to Daylyt, this new battle league will be completely different than anything he’s ever done:

[I] got a lot of big names that’s gonna be involved in that league and when I say big names I don’t mean battle rap names. I got a lot of big industry cat names. A lot of big battles will be going down. Will I be battling in my league? Yes I will be battling in my league but I will not be battling as Daylyt. I’m actually going to recreate myself again.

While he will no longer be rapping in other leagues, the eccentric battle rapper does confirm his involvement in Road To Total Slaughter 2. He dressed as Spawn in his battle against T-Rex at the first Total Slaughter on July 12th and reveals that his theatrical performance was supposed be more explosive:

So to let y’all know in my third round at the moment where I was like, ‘Yo, I forgot my medication,’ at that exact point, my man UTK was actually supposed to come to the stage dressed as a clown and light me on fire. My cape and all that s### was supposed to be on fire, we already rehearsed that s### and all that s### … Pretty much I was supposed to fall on the ground and roll around.

Check out Daylyt’s full video below: