EXCLUSIVE: Miami's Denzel Curry Responds To Trick Daddy’s Comments + Reveals Upcoming Double EP


(AllHipHop News) Denzel Curry was one of the rising rappers highlighted in the recent documentary The Field: Miami. The 53-minute film featured numerous South Florida artists sharing their thoughts about the “real Miami” and its Hip Hop scene.

But it was one of Curry’s statements about his hometown’s support for its own that garnered a reply from the self-proclaimed “Mayor of Dade County” Trick Daddy.

“They don’t f**k with us like that,” said Curry in The Field about some of MIA’s rapping old heads. “Certain people that I can say that f**k with us, but at the same time we don’t ask them for s**t.”

In an interview with AllHipHop.com, Trick Daddy expressed, as a Miami rap veteran, he does not feel obligated to back every up-and-coming rapper from the city. The Thugs Are Us album creator said, “When you say, ‘support the rap artists,’ everybody that wants to be a rapper, I’m supposed to support it? Even if I feel like he can’t rap? What if I feel like his songs are wack? Even if I feel like his jeans are too tight?”

Curry got wind of Trick’s response and wanted to set the record straight on exactly what he was attempting to get across during his segment in The Field. The 19-year-old Carol City native claims his intent was not to disrespect his musical predecessors.

“I wasn’t trying to offend nobody. I just basically told it how it was on my end. The people I grew up with, the people in our generation, we pretty much ended up doing stuff ourselves. Some had help from the OGs like Trick Daddy was helping out [Ice ‘Billion’] Berg, but when we grew older we didn’t have that same support. The only people who were supporting were the people in the underground with us,” explains Curry. “I understand where Trick is coming from saying he can’t support all rappers that are in the South Florida area, because if he don’t like something he’s not going to support. But at least acknowledge it. Let them know that you’re watching.”

In a very short amount of time, Curry was able to grind his way to considerable attention online. He released several mixtapes and the well received 2013 album Nostalgic 64.

According to the former Raider Klan associate, his early success was the result of he and his L&E x C9 ‎brethren making waves off their own merits. He further clarifies that was the only point he was attempting to make in the movie.

“I understand how the support system is. I just basically felt like, ‘Yo, we did it ourselves. We didn’t have to go to the OGs.’ I’m not saying it was their fault or our fault. It’s just we did it on our own. We didn’t ask them for help,” says Curry. “I didn’t mean no type of malice. I was just expressing how I was feeling. [The filmmakers] were asking questions about South Florida, and I just told them what was up. The fact that [Trick Daddy] acknowledged now is cool. It shows they’re watching us.”

Up next for Curry are music videos for “Ice Age” and “Zone 3” as well as the C9 compilation mixtape. He is also working on the double EP 32ZEL/Planet Shrooms. Those deeply personal projects are being created in the memory of his brother Treon who was killed in February of this year while in police custody and his close friend Tiarra who was gunned down last year.

“One half sounds like it’s for the masses. The other half is for the underground. 32ZEL is dedicated to my brother, and Planet Shrooms is dedicated to Tiarra,” says Curry. “[On these projects] I can express how I feel about everything. About the world, about jealousy – just crazy stuff. I feel like if [Treon and Tiarra] were still alive, and I presented both of these projects to them, they would love it.”

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Denzil Curry is scheduled to appear on the “Bow Down Tour” with Deniro Farrar starting September 12th in Miami. For more information visit bowdowntour.com.