Derek Jeter Lists Top 5 Rappers Ever, Leaves Out Nas

Derek Jeter Lists Top 5 Rapper Ever, Leaves Out Nas

(AllHipHop News) Derk Jeter is on the shortlist of greatest New York Yankees and a noted Hip Hop fan. The five time World Series champion spoke with ThisIs50 about his favorite rappers of all time.

He keeps it mostly New York but chooses one New York hip hop icon over Nas:

“That’s a tough question. You know I got to put 50 [Cent] in there,” Jeter said in an interview. “I’m in his building so I can’t get in trouble. 50. Biggie. Jay. Eminem. Michigan [guy], you see I got my Michigan shirt on. How many’s that? Diddy too. I like New York. I stick with New York.”

Nas has been a frequent representative of his hometown Mets but Jeter did not speak on if that was the reason for his omission of the lyrical titan.

Check out the video below: