Donald Sterling Refutes Alzheimer's Disease Claims, Suing The NBA For $1 Billion


(AllHipHop News) Donald Sterling wants the world to know two things: 1. he does not have Alzheimer’s disease and 2. He is not going anywehere. Earlier today, reports surfaced that Donald Sterling and his legal team are planning on suing the NBA for $1 billion.

Shelly Sterling became the sole trustee of the family trust that owned the Los Angeles Clippers after two neurologists deemed Donald Sterling mentally unfit to be a trustee by the family trust’s standards. As the sole trustee, Mrs. Sterling sold the Los Angeles Clippers to ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Yahoo! Sports’ writer Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Sterling’s lawyer, Max Blecker, has confirmed that the former Clippers owner plans to sue the NBA:

According to TMZ, the neurologists’ results found that not only had Sterling suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, but has had the disease for the past five years. Blecker dismissed the medical reports as”grossly exaggerated” in an email to ESPN, but did admit to CNN that the reports revealed “modest mental impairment.”

Following the sale, one of Sterling’s other attorneys informed The Los Angeles Times that “there can be no sale without Donald’s signature.”