Dr. Dre May Score Nina Simone Biopic

Dr. Dre May Score Nina Simone Biopic, Documentary Also In The Works

(AllHipHop News) Potentially bad news for those waiting on  Detox (do not let your cynicism deceive you, we all want it). Great news for music and film lovers. Cynthia Mort, the director of the upcoming Nina Simone biopic Nina told theGrio that they are in preliminary talks to get Dr. Dre to score the film.

The director is preparing to send Dre a rough cut of the film and compares the legend to another musical production icon:

“He’s going to see a rough cut in about a week and a half. I would love for him to do what Quincy [Jones] did with In the Heat of the Night and [what] Quincy did with In Cold Blood. Quincy did a lot of scoring. I would love if Dre’s next step would be to score it. That would be a great challenge.”

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