Drake Becomes Global Ambassador of The Toronto Raptors, Helping With Team's 20th Anniversary (VIDEO)

Drake Becomes Global Ambassador of The Toronto Raptors, Helping With Team’s 20th Anniversary (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Drake will try to make sure nothing stays the same with the Toronto Raptors as he was formally introduced as the Global Ambassador for the NBA team at the Air Canada Centre.

While Drake’s duties as the Global Ambassador were not revealed at the press conference, the 26 year old rap phenom did allude to already assuming the role prior to this announcement:

I travel the world performing and everywhere I go I preach the gospel that is Toronto. I love this city with all my heart.

In a recent interview with the Boston Globe, Drake mentioned he should be “in charge of the tourism board in Canada” reasoning,”They should really put me on payroll, because I feel like I bring a lot of people to this city, and a lot of attention to this city.”

Multiple reports state that Drake will be releasing a clothing line through the Raptors and possibly may have his October’s Very Own logo on the new Raptors jerseys. This possibility seems highly likely given the NBA’s recent efforts to innovate (Read: monetize) the NBA jersey further. At a press conference this past July, NBA Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver stated that NBA owners were interested in 2.5 inch-by-2.5 inch advertisements to begin to appear on NBA jerseys. This weekend, reports surfaced regarding the NBA potentially allowing such players as Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Lebron James and Ray Allen where jerseys with their popular nicknames on them.

Drake will also reportedly be heavily involved in the Raptors upcoming 20th anniversary season in 2014-2015 as well as the 2016 NBA All Star Games which Toronto will host.

Check out Drake’s speech at the press conference below: