EXCLUSIVE: Bun B Talks Protecting Lil Boosie From Himself, Collab Album + More (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Over the last 20+ years, Bun B has evolved from simply a rapper to a proverbial godfather of the South. After Lil Boosie’s press conference, the Trill OG talked EXCLUSIVELY with AllHipHop about how he plans to protect Lil Boosie from himself, the Hip Hop police, a possible collaboration album between the two and more.

Bun states that Boosie’s return to music comes secondary to his readjustment to “normalcy” after leaving prison.

Boosie finna come home and take a lot of n*ggas’ spots. Take a lot of people’s money. You know what I’m saying? So he’s going to have some haters that want to see a brother violate. Try to put him in a position to violate. We as his brothers got to stand tall and make sure that we can the snakes coming and keep them away from the brother.

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Bun B has always  been a staunch opponent of the “Hip Hop police” and in an interview with MSBC this past January he spoke of the unjust monitoring of rap lyrics to incriminate rappers. During our interview he acknowledged that that those same Hip Hop police will be watching Boosie and that the person they need to protect Boosie from is himself:

It’s just important for us to protect him from himself. You know..not…you know, he been gone for a while. So there’s been a couple of different that be going on. Some things he might not be hip to. We got to make sure to protect that brother from that.

Bun makes sure to say that everyone around him needs to be focused and “can’t come around doing things around him that we do by ourselves, because he’ll fall victim to 0ur problems.”

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While Bun is skeptical of Boosie and himself doing an entire album together he acknowledges that there’s “a couple of people already in line for that”:

I know he got to do something with C [Murder].  I know he doing something with Young [Jeezy]. Definitely going to do something more with Webbie.

Check out Bun B’s EXCLUSIVE interview with AllHipHop: