Exclusive: Gillie Da Kid To Play Tupac In Upcoming Suge Knight Film; Discusses Acting Roles


(AllHipHop News) In part one of an exclusive with the ‘King of Philly’ aka Gillie Da Kid, AllHipHop.com touched on the rapper’s upcoming film roles.

Gillie is acting alongside Ving Rhames and action hero Steven Seagal in upcoming release “Force of Execution,” while he continues to promote such films as “Wrath of Cain,” “King of the Avenue” and “Mafia.”

He is also gearing up for a major role in an upcoming bio-pic focused on Suge Knight.

In the film, the Philly rap star will play the legendary Tupac Shakur.

“Definitely got a budget in place for that right now, so I’m just waiting to find out when we shooting,” Gillie told AllHipHop.com, noting that he is simply an actor in this particular film.

“I’m not in on the producing of that I’m just an actor. Whenever I get the word its time to get busy. They’ve already got the script [finished]…,” Gillie said.

Gillie, aka “Gil Smith,” is very excited about getting a chance to show his acting skills in the upcoming film.

“Just know I’m going to transform like Will Smith did when he played Ali,” Gillie told AllHipHop.com. “We already know I’m ‘G’d’ enough to play ‘Pac, that was never a question after they put a little make up on me. I been in the gym. I’m trying to put on a little 10 (pounds) real quick.

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