Exclusive: Gunplay Reveals “100 Billion Dollar” Hip Hop Invention

Forget Rapping, Gunplay Says He’ll Make Billions Off Videos Games

(AllHipHop News) In our conclusion of our exclusive interview with Gunplay he reveals a new invention that will go hand in hand with Hip Hop Lifestyle.

In the next few years Gunplay plans on developing his own line of video game controller.

Think Beats by Dre but for your hands.

“I got an idea that [can] generate — the the 1st year if I license it out — probably 1 billion in say two years lemme say 3 years and that’s with stumbling and fumbling the first year once I set everything up proper we looking at a 100 billion dollar profit, all profit. It’s right under your nose”

Gunplay continued “Everytime they say what you playing X-Box or Playstation they going to ask you a question what kind of Controller you got. It’s all going to be about the controller just like your shoes. I’m gonna make controllers the dopest s###. It’s already in the making its already done. I’m just letting you know when I get this money I QUIT this rap s###.”

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