EXCLUSIVE: Master P’s Kids Say They Were Not Abducted, Choose To Stay With Father (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Today (April 10th), Master P and his children respond to Sonya Miller’s accusations that Master P abducted his children. In a video that has been purportedly shot at Sonya Miller’s residence, Master P and his children state that he did not abduct them as their mother has claimed.

Yesterday (April 9th), Sonya Miller applied for an emergency custody order against Master P after she alleges he abducted their children Mercy Miller, Hercy Miller and Tytyana Miller these past two months. In the video, their 13 year old son Hercy Miller not only refutes those accusations but claims that their mother is a “bad influence”:

I want to stay with you [Master P], because I know that she’s gonna just…I’mma come back here and I know she’s a bad influence. When I’m with you, you teach me what’s right and all of that.

In the video recorded by Master P, all the children that Sonya Miller claimed he abducted chose to leave her residence and return to with him. However, P reaffirms that he and his children still love her:

I even love your mom, because she a part of our life. I want her to be successful. I want her to figure out whatever, because I can’t change her, I can only change me. She got to change her.

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Check out the full video of Master P and his children in Sonya Miller’s residence refuting her abduction claims: