EXCLUSIVE: No Malice of the Clipse Explains New Record “Smokin’ Mirrors”; Gets Advice from Ma$e About Faith


(AllHipHop News) AllHipHop.com recently spoke with Virginia bred rapper No Malice about his latest !llmind produced single, “Smokin’ Mirrors,” featuring fellow Re-Up Gang artist Ab-Liva.

During the interview, No Malice explained his religious-themed lyrics on the new song.

Ever since the release of the last Clipse project, Til’ The Casket Drops in 2009, “No Malice” has been transforming his ways that formerly valued sex, drugs, money, women and power.

“You can go back to my earliest work and I made reference to my faith, but the only thing was is I would come crazy out of my mouth with the line that came right after it,” No Malice explained to AllHipHop.com. “I have a love and passion for Jesus and when I read my Bible everything just rings true to my heart so I have to share it.”

“Yall got one side of me with the Clipse and you knew I was into faith, there was always a religious reference, even with the title of the album,” No Malice continued. “Now I just worship the Lord in spirit and truth. If you hear something or say something that is wrong then someone gonna have to point it out to me. There’s so many references to God and it’s just incorrect. People worship the Lord in their way and I worship the Lord in my way.”

AUDIO: No Malice talks religion and new record “Smokin’ Mirrors”

Throughout the song No Malice questions people’s use of the Lord’s name in their music, when they also make contradictory statements, as he did in the past.

“Why such blasphemy and anger toward the one which none hath to see? Causes me to believe that there’s a wee bit more to this Jesus thing /And they use his name just to sell them pies / cause it take a lot of truth to sell that lie/ Yes even I repent/ Of the circus act, same clown different tent,” No Malice raps in the last lines of the song.

Among other things, No Malice explained how and why he decided to share his passion for Jesus within his music.

The rapper, who said he receives support from pastor/rapper Ma$e from time to time, revealed that his upcoming album is not a “me against them” type project.

“Yea Ma$e and I do talk. Ma$e and I have been talking for a few years. We kind of lost touch and recently got back into touch. I never question anybody’s faith and we have good conversation and he give me advice I guess you can say. We fellowship back and forth and talk,” No Malice said.

AUDIO: No Malice speaks about getting advice from Ma$e

“I’m sure a lot of the MC’s and rappers out now, I’m sure that its tugging on their heart, but they just don’t know how to share it. I don’t look at this whole project or anything like that. My wish is that we would all use our influence to help this culture, that is my thought that we will all use our influence to help our culture,” No Malice concluded.

For more information and updates on No Malice’s project Here Ye Him and his book about finding his faith called, Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind and Naked check out his site: http://mademylifechange.com/.