EXCLUSIVE: Rapper B.o.B. Shares Holiday Memories; Plans to Cook on Thanksgiving for Family


(AllHipHop News) Recently AllHipHop.com sat down with Grand Hustle/Atlantic Records recording artist B.o.B. and spoke with him about his upcoming plans for the holidays and Thanksgiving.

Fresh off the release of his mixtape, F**k Em We Ball, B.o.B. shared his thoughts on the holidays.

The Atlanta rapper said he enjoyed the fact that the industry shuts down for a while, as artists and executives alike enjoy the holidays.

“See when I was growing up, holidays I spent time with the family, you know get gifts. I still do the same thing now, but now like holidays is my time to vacation and get away,” B.o.B. explained to AllHipHop.com.

“Offers my come in at the end of the year you know, and you know if its something to make it a merrier Christmas I’ll take it, but for the most part I try to just shut down and light up the Christmas trees and enjoy,” B.o.B. joked.

B.o.B. also expressed interest in trying his hand at cooking this year for Thanksgiving.

“I think I’m gonna try and cook this year for Thanksgiving. I think I’m going to try to make memory, you heard it here first, I’m gonna Instagram what it look like man” B.o.B. told AllHipHop.com.

Fans can download B.o.B.’s new project F**k Em We Ball via DatPiff.com here.