EXCLUSIVE: Scott Storch Speaks On Health, Producing and New Career As A DJ


(AllHipHop News) Scott Storch recently sat down for an interview to update the Hip-Hop community about his personal life, jumping back into the music business and his new career as a DJ.

“I think I’m finally falling in love with music again , I lost the passion for a while …due to public personal issues and stuff I went through,” Scott Storch told AllHipHop.com in an exclusive interview.

“As time goes by, the clarity I’m gaining everyday, I feel like my music is getting better,” Storch continued. “More vivid and just efffortless…I’m really focused in the studio, doing more production than ever. I’m like a studio junkie now.”

Scott Storch is back in the studio with some of Hip-Hop’ biggest acts, including 2 Chainz, artists on the Poe Boy imprint and Bronx, New York rapper, French Montana.

“I hope to do many records with him, he’s definitely an ill MC he’s got serious swag,” Scott Storch said of French Montana. “I think that he’s got a cool sound the melodic stuff he does.”

As Scott makes his return to the world of Hip Hop he has also taken interest in interest in one of the “Five Elements” of Hip-Hop – DJ’ing.

“The DJ is really making some serious paper and its a good venue to solicit  your own records,” Scott Storch told AllHipHop.com. “I’m trying to do something a little different, similar to the way Travis Barker and DJ AM did.

After years of drug addiction and at least one stint in rehab, Scott Storch reassured everyone that he was sober and focused on his work.

“Being visible and just letting the world know Scott Storch is back ..I’m inspired and hungry. I got a big appetite for success right now. Contrary to the rumors that surround me I’m doing just fine,” Scott Storch told AllHipHop.com. “I’m living a healthy life ..I just been very secluded in the past few months and just in the studio focusing on that…I didn’t forget how to make hits…I do this. ”

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