EXCLUSIVE: Turk Says B.G. Found "Legal Loophole", Could Return This Year (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Two years ago, B.G. was sentenced to 14 years in prison for weapons possession and witness tampering. In an EXCLUSIVE interview with AllHipHop, former fellow Hot Boys member Turk spoke about a “legal loophole” that could help B.G. return from his prison sentence as soon as this year and more.

Three months after B.G. was sentence to his 14 year prison sentence, Turk was released from Forrest City Prison in Arkansas after serving nine years in prison for weapons’ violation:

I had 22 years, so I gave 12 years back on an appeal. Not no snitching. He ain’t coming home on no snitch pass. When he come home, he done found a loophole in the law. Which they gave him more time than they were supposed to give him.

Turk spoke on speaking with Boosie following his recent prison release this year and possible upcoming collaborations for Turk’s untitled new album:

I got on the phone with Boosie, probably two or three days since he came home. Boosie working righ tnow. I sent him a record. Waiting on him to deliver on that. If it make it on time, it’ll be on my time, if not, just be looking on music from me and Boosie.