EXCLUSIVE: Wes Jackson Accuses MTV Of Racially Biased Coverage Of Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival (VIDEO)

EXCLUSIVE: Wes Jackson Accuses MTV Of Racially Biased Coverage Of Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) The 10th annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival was a celebration of unity, the hangover is not as pleasant. Today (July 18th) Brooklyn Bodega President Wes Jackson and Head of Marketing Jules Pierrot discuss their accusations of MTV Two days after the 10th Annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival MTV music journalist Rob Markman posted an interview with Mac Miller about performing with Jay Electronica over the weekend. Jackson took exception to the original article not mentioning the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival by name:

The article now includes the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, however Jackson accuses MTV of racially biased coverage of the festival itself over their coincidental choice of interview subject:

So, the one time in 10 years I get one white rapper and MTV’s like ‘Oh, let’s talk to him.’ But,I never seen you call Torae. Kweli was there. [J.] Cole was there. Jay Elec was still in town. Yo, why didn’t you call me? Why you didn’t call Jules? Why didn’t you call Tatiana? Why didn’t you call Ebony? Because this is one of the few organizations that are flooded with Black people.

Following the publication of the article, Jackson initially blamed Markman for “questionable” journalism, but in this interview admitted that he does not believe Markman to be a cause of the problem. However, Jackson supports Dame Dash’s  “over run by people with no respect for the culture”

We are fooling ourselves if we don’t think there are tons of white people at the control that would much rather push Mac Miller out there than Jay Electronica. I mean, come on. If you a 50 year old white dude at MTV and you got a choice: we can get the eccentric dude with gold fronts, who’s a Katrina refugee rocking an F.O.I. uniform. Or we get the smacked white boy. You know they’re making these choices.

Jackson recently self-published Ten Years Fresh: The Story of the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival exploring the history of creating the yearly music event. Paperback available at LuLu. Check out PART ONE of AllHipHop’s interview with Brooklyn Bodega:

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