Florida Sheriff Takes Issue With Ludacris & Kendrick Lamar Performing At Local University

Florida Sheriff Doesn’t Approve Of Concert Featuring Rappers That Use The “N-Word”

 (AllHipHop News) Sheriff Mike Scott is clearly not a fan of Hip Hop. The Lee County, Florida law enforcement officer sent an e-mail to the African-American president of Florida Gulf Coast University, Wilson Bradshaw, asking why the school would invite artists who regularly use the “n-word” and profanity to perform at FGCU’s Eaglepalooza concert. Ludacris and Kendrick Lamar were both booked for the show being held at the county-owned JetBlue Park on November 24th.

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Bradshaw, whose daughter is a current student at FGCU, mentioned to Dr. Bradshaw that Paula Deen’s use of the “N-word”  thirty years ago leads to national criticism, but rappers use the word regularly according to NapleNews.com.

“We are going to welcome them to a county park with the endorsement of FGCU?” asked the sheriff.

The issue of safety also came up regarding the concert. President Bradshaw ensures that there will be 75-100 security officers on site, but Sheriff Scott mentions he may not approve extra police officers to work security for Eaglepalooza, a precedent that was set for previous events like “Girls Gone Wild”. Scott feels the need for extra security is an indication that the particular performers are the problem.

“We are not going to waltz out there like we would for a baseball game or a Carrie Underwood concert,” stated Scott in the e-mail.

In an reply to Scott, Bradshaw points out that Luda and Kendrick have performed at over 200 colleges and universities and no incidents of violence have been reported. University officials have also planned for further security measures to be put in place like metal detectors, large bags and coolers being prohibited, and no event reentry.

Bradshaw also makes it clear that the student-operated FGCU Programming Board books the performers for Eaglepalooza and officials at the university have properly prepared for the concert.

“As a university president – black or white – periodically there are expressed views related to students and faculty that the president doesn’t personally or professionally sanction or share. In this case, our students indicated a strong interest in inviting these performers to Eaglepalooza, and our staff assures me they are doing everything possible to ensure a safe and enjoyable event for the attendees,” wrote Bradshaw.