Fox News Uses March On Washington To Criticize Rap Music & Jay Z

Fox News Takes More Shots At Jay Z & Hip Hop

(AllHipHop News) While many in America celebrated the 50th Anniversary of The March On Washington as a day of remembrance and acknowledgement of the continual struggle for civil rights and social justice, Fox News chose to discuss the event by focusing on what it called “degrading rap music.”

The segment, anchored by Shannon Bream, lead with the caption, “50 Years After March On Washington Some See Rap Music As A Problem.” Beam then began discussing an op-ed written by Fox News analyst Juan Williams published in The Wall Street Journal.

After playing Bob Dylan’s 1963 song “Blowin’ In The Wind,” Beam then said, “Today, Juan Williams has a powerful column in the Wall Street Journal half a century later, where he challenges people to compare the promise of that inspiring music with what Juan calls the ‘heartbreaking contrast’ of today’s#### rap songs like Jay-Z’s#### ‘Holy Grail.'”

In the article, Williams highlights 60’s era singers like Dylan, Sam Cooke, and Curtis Mayfield, and compares their lyrical content to present day rappers like Lil Wayne and Jay Z.

Picking up on William’s argument, Fox News contributor Jehmu Greene called Jay Z’s music “despicable,” and said it is “filled with misogyny.”

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Watch portions of the segment below.

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