Funkmaster Flex Rants About Dame Dash, Preview Dame's Response


(AllHipHop  News) The Loud Wars have entered round two. Last night (June 5th), Funkmaster Flex went to the Hot 97 airwaves to respond to Dame Dash’s alleging Kevin Liles and Lyor Cohen of being “culture vultures”.

According to Flex, Dash gave Flex a tour of the Roc-a-Fella offices prior to Def Jam owning a 50% stake in the company in 1997. Flex alleges that Def Jam and Lyor Cohen, whom Dash referred to as a “culture vulture” in an Instagram post, helped place Jay Z’s “Ain’t No N*gga” single on the 1996 Nutty Professor  soundtrack and financed the music video. Flex explains the hypocrisy of Dash’s critical opinion of Lyor Cohen:

[Dame Dash] was getting probably $2 million to $3 million in overhead for his label. He was getting $1 million video budgets. He was getting $1 million album budgets. You hear me? You count the years and you count the different artists and the albums The culture vulture cut him those checks. Who put a gun to his head and made him sign those deals?

One of the artists Dame Dash has repeatedly mentioned over the years is his former artist Curren$y and the fact that the New Orleans MC sued him in 2011. Flex explains how Dash’s dealings with Curren$y reveal how Dash himself has displayed characteristics of the same culture vultures he criticizes:

He had another label deal. Am I lying? Did he have anohter label deal AFTER Roc-A-Fella? He signed Curren$y to it, right? Curren$y put out two albums. You didn’t pay Curren$y on one song, b. Who’s the culture vulture? You konw why you didn’t pay him? Because you didn’t understand how digital he was. You didn’t see it, ’cause you didn’t have a computer.

Curren$y went to his personal Twitter account during Funkmaster Flex’s on-air rant to seemingly corroborate and support Flex’s allegations about Dame’s relationship with Curren$y:

Dame Dash is preparing to respond to the Funkmaster Flex rant on The Combat Jack show later today.  Check out Funkmaster Flex’s full rant and a preview of Dame Dash’s response below:

Funkmaster Flex’s Rant

Dame Dash’s Response Preview