G-Unit Talks Jimmy Henchman And Game, Floyd Mayweather Jr's Mike Brown Challenge + MORE (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Understatement of the year alert: G-Unit does not forget its enemies. During a recent interview earlier today (September 4th), G-Unit discusses why Game will not be apart of the G-Unit reunion, responds to Floyd Mayweather Jr’s $750,000 challenge and more.

Jimmy Henchman, longtime associate of Game was sentenced to life in prison on October 25th, 2013 over cocaine trafficking, witness tampering and money laundering. Tony Yayo was arrested in 2007 over allegedly slapping Henchman’s teenage son. Before calling Game a “snake that won”, Yayo explains on Ebro In The Morning how Game’s connection to Henchman rules out his inclusion in any G-Unit reunion.

I just feel like with the Game thing it’s like y’all know what it is. He was messing with Jimmy Henchman. It’s deeper than rap. Y’all keep asking that dumb question when his OG’s had FEDS knocking at my door. It’s like the industry, y’all don’t get it, ’cause it’s the streets.

Yesterday (September 3rd) Mayweather Jr challenged 50 Cent to donate $750,000 to Mike Brown’s family. Buck revealed that he turned one of his lyrics from “Ahh Sh*t” addressing the Mike Brown shooting into a shirt. 50 Cent addressed Mayweather’s challenge by revisiting his original challenge:

Tell him to read Page 3 in Harry Potter. Same 750 [thousand] for Page 3 in Harry Potter.

Check out the full interview below: