Game Disses XXL Freshman Cover + Tells Frank Ocean To "F*ck These F*ck N*ggas" On "Bigger Than Me"

Game Disses XXL Freshman Cover + Tells Frank Ocean “F*ck These F*ck N*ggas” On “Bigger Than Me”

Game is one of those rappers that at any point in time he will randomly vent out frustration so direct his target is almost impossible to miss. On his latest song “Bigger Than Me”, Game takes aim at the new generation of rappers with under five albums and specifically aims at the XXL Freshman cover.

Game and Lil Durk have exchanged tweets and lyrics since Durk’s “Chiraq (Remix)” verse last month.  While Game does not mention any names specifically, he does diss the entire XXL Freshman cover, which Durk appeared on this year:

I came in with Ye, Jeezy, and boss as* n*gas/Yo Freshman cover a whole bunch of soft a*s n*ggas.

Later Game made sure to tell “Frank Ocean, go ahead and f*ck these f*ck n*ggas.”

Check out Game’s inflammatory new song “Bigger Than Me”: