Gay Rapper Emerges? Not So Fast!


I’m way late on this so I’m tucking it away today on Sunday.

In the Bay area, there is a very successful indie rapper named Kafani, who is a part of the Thizz Nation. Honestly, I don’t know his work like that, but I’m learning some stuff that I probably shouldn’t. Namely, there is a rumor that Kafani is a gay rapper. Now, straight up, he’s denied this so I don’t want to try and put him under the buss or anything. But, there’s more to this. His ex-girlfriend was sent pictures from a dude that claims to be Kafani’s lover. Anyway,the gay man that claimed Kafani as his former love interest said that the Oakland rapper is lying to the fan by hiding his true identity. Something about unveiling hiding Hip-Hop alleged gays is catching on. So, jumping on board, Kafani’s ex girlfriend posted the pictures on Instagram, effectively putting him on blast.

Kafani’s ex-girl apparently tried to fall back from the situation pointing the finger to the gay lover. She did say she gave the gay guy the password to Kafani’s Instagram. But, why would Kafani be giving his girl his password anyway? Anyway, that’s not important.


Here is a radio interview with Kafani – in his own words

He doesn’t deny that the images below are him, but he says those were his girl’s pictures.

Bay Area Rapper Kafanai Allegedly Gay, Twitter Hacked By Ex-Lover

fans react on Twitter

@BeautifulCurium talks about why she gave password to Gay Lover

Kafani blames Curium For Posts

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

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