Gossip Site Responds To Dr. Dre's Cease & Desist With Snark-Filled Letter


(AllHipHop News) Dr. Dre was not pleased by posts published on the gossip site TheDirty.com accusing him of cheating on his wife with a video model. The Los Angeles based producer had his attorney send the website a cease and desist letter demanding that the “scandalous, false accusations” be removed or the site could be facing a lawsuit. The Dirty’s lawyer replied to Dre with his own letter released by TMZ.

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The Dirty’s representative David Gingras begins the letter by announcing he is a long time fan of Dr. Dre writing, “Back in the ’80s I personally destroyed many subwoofers blasting N.W.A.’s ‘F**k Tha Police’ in my car in the high school parking lot.”

From there Gingras’ fires off snarky remarks about famous people who lied to cover up mistakes that became public comparing the Dre situation to the Bill Clinton/Monica “What’s-Her-Name” scandal and Lance Armstrong lying about using steroids. He even mentions O.J. Simpson who he jokingly says “was clearly framed.”

In the end Gingras makes the point that TheDirty.com nor its owner Nik Richie can be held responsible because the articles were posted by users and not Richie. He even cites a 2012 case where the site won a similar lawsuit.

Indeed, courts have already agreed with this argument in cases involving Nik Richie and TheDirty.com. You didn’t mention this one in your letter, so here’s a quote: “In sum, a third party unilaterally created and submitted [content to TheDirty.com] without specific instructions or requests from the Defendants to do so. This is precisely the type of situation that warrants CDA immunity.”

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