Here’s How Houston Rappers Are Handling The Great Flood


(AllHipHop News) A number of rappers who are from, or do business in Houston, have been impacted by the torrential downpours flooding the city.

Over a foot of water rained down on one of Hip-Hop’s most notable cities, which has produced powerhouses like The Geto Boys and Rap-A-Lot Records, Trae Tha Truth, UGK, Beyoncé, Slim Thug and many others.

In less than 24 hours, water submerged parts of different neighborhoods and highways, forcing thousands to flee to safety in the area shelters.

A number of rappers from Houston weighed in on the floods, as did a few who have business ties to the city.

UGK’s Bun B. warned his fans of the severity of the weather, after his flight was canceled and he had to drive back home.

“I barely made it back after my flight got cancelled,” Bun B. said. “Dozens of people stuck near Intercontinental airport because of high waters. Can’t get back to the freeways. Only because I was in a truck. Stay home!”

Bun B was spot on with his analysis.

One airport worker died after he was found submerged in his vehicle not far from the airport. Another tow truck driver was found dead in his rig, after he became submerged in high waters.

Houston rapper Paul Wall managed to put a positive spin on the floods. First off, the rains interrupted his son’s 10th birthday.

“My son Will was SOOOOOOOO excited that school got canceled today. I told him God made it rain for his birthday,” Paul Wall tweeted.

Since he’s locked away in his house, Paul Wall decided to release a new remix to his song “Swangin’ In Tha Rain” in honor of the floods.

Trae Tha Truth has used his social media as well, to let residents know the addresses various organizations offering local residents shelter.

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