Hip-Hip Rumors: Beyonce Gets Ratchet For Keri Hilson! Paris Hilton/ YMCMB Connect?!


So, basically….”Bow Down” was for Keri Hilson ad…Keri Hilson.

This really ain’t too hard to figure out, but I’m hearing that the song “Bow Down” was specifically made for Keri Hilson. Originally, people felt it was for some generic R&B Female Singer. Or somebody like Keyshia Cole. But, no. I am hearing that it was written for Keri Hilson. You know the stories about these two. No need to rehash it or something. But, I find it interesting that the hidden venom B holds for this chick is evidently a career killer. And, some are saying that Jay-Z has come into play here, charging that Beyonce has been too humble on these chicks and its time to vent. Hence: “Bow Wow.”

B just got super ratchet on Keri!

Apparently, Jay-Z re-blogged or RT’d this:

Paris Hilton is down with Young Money! YEAH! She recently filmed a new video with the likes of Baby and Nick Minaj. What the blood f**k is going on? I swear to God on everything, I’m started to question all that is sacred about Hip-Hop. I mean, damn, rappers have always done stuff like this but generally, it was either on the low or just such a big cake move that you had to do it. I guess this is the money side, since Paris Hilton is still crazy caked up.

Apparently the video was shot in the last couple of days.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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