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Keri Hilson Pregnant?

You might remember when I was trying to get over Kelly Rowland, who did magnificent last night at the fight, I was trying to get into Keri Hilson. Well, the rumors today say somebody else got in Keri. In fact, that’s the rumor – that she’s pregnant. Now, Kreayshawn’s baby will have a playmate. Well, the rumor is, Keri got knocked up by an NBA basketball player.

RIP Chris Kelly. JD Mourns.

While everybody was chatting up about the Floyd Mayweather fight, JD was depressed bout his Kriss Kross lil brother Chris Kelly. He was posting pictures and spoke of being “heart broken.” I can’t imagine the pain he feels, since Kriss Kross is a big reason why he’s successful.

B Hates K?

You may have seen Kim Kardashian chilling with Beyonce after one of the Mrs. Carter tour stops, but I continuously have sources that say B abhors K. She just has to keep the peace.

Dodson Proclaims His Faith. And Hate For TMZ.

Antoine Dodson goes off on TMZ. This guy has completely converted. He even goes off on Jay-Z and Beyonce. But he mistakenly thought TMZ called him a Satanist.

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They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

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