Hip-Hop Rumors: A$ap Rocky Vs. Security! Khloe and Lamar Done? US Open Goes Hip-Hop?


A$AP Rocky got into some sort of beef last night. But it wasn’t with any of the rappers, seems like A$AP couldn’t get along with security. For whatever reason A$AP wanted to leave and some burly security guard wouldn’t let him. It seems like A$AP was trying to be pretty cool since he was all dressed up with some fly chick. And then a security guard got in his face. A$AP wasn’t having any of that.

Seems like Lamar Odom’s drug addiction has finally broken his relationship with Khloe. According to the latest reports the reality couple has decided to split up, if anyone really cares. Lamar was a crackhead their entire marriage and Khloe supposedly hid it from the rest of the Kardashian’s so it wouldn’t ruin the Kardashian franchise. All I can say is maybe there’s a Kardashian curse on all the men they mess with. Good luck Yeezy.


I found this crap on the Internet. At first I thought the US Open was really going to have a hip-hop song for their theme, since some jerk put out an official looking press release about it. But the whole thing was a stinking joke, and the US Open is not using a rap song for their theme. But whoever the jokers were, put out a relatively funny YouTube video. Check out this stupid video

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